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Andy Knowlton of a bright corner

Welcome to the exclusive collection by Andy Knowlton, a devoted quilter, pattern designer, and author with a flair for creativity. As a mother and wife with a deep-rooted passion for quilting, Andy brings her unique life experiences into every piece she creates. Her collection showcases an array of stunning quilts, patterns, and designs, each a testament to her journey in the quilting world.

Andy's quilting studio, bathed in warm afternoon sunshine, serves as the birthplace of these incredible works. Her love for every quilting step – from pattern designing and fabric selection to piecing, quilting, and binding – is evident in the meticulous details and captivating designs. This collection not only reflects Andy's creative and computer-savvy sides but also her dedication to the craft.

Immerse yourself in Andy Knowlton's world of quilting. Explore patterns that blend traditional techniques with modern aesthetics, and discover quilts that tell a story. Whether you are a seasoned quilter or a beginner, Andy's collection offers inspiration and guidance to fuel your passion for quilting.