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Delve into the dynamic and vibrant world of Christopher Thompson, a New York City-based quilt designer known as The Tattooed Quilter. With a rich legacy in quilting passed down through three generations of award-winning masters, Christopher's work is deeply rooted in tradition yet boldly strides into the modern era.

His collection is a reflection of his unique perspective, where the pulse of NYC's fashion scene meets the timeless art of quilting. Christopher's designs are characterized by modern aesthetics, graphic prints, and an unassuming approach to style. He masterfully balances print scales, often mixing them with complementary or contrasting solid colors, resulting in quilts that are both striking and harmonious.

Drawing inspiration from the bustling streets, iconic parks, and diverse neighborhoods of New York City, Christopher's quilts are a testament to his ability to translate the energy of the urban landscape into tangible art. His work is not just about quilting; it's a fashion statement, a fusion of color, pattern, and design.

When away from the quilt frame, Christopher, along with his French bulldog Edie, embraces the adventure of exploring the city that never sleeps. His journey and creations can be further explored at