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My fabric collections are always full of what’s catching my eye at that moment in time. I started working on this line in the fall when here in Minnesota all the colors are saturated and washed by the sun. The lakes turn to their bluest hues making the golds, oranges and reds of the nature around them even more vibrant – and providing the inspiration for this color palette. With these colors on my mind, I began to think about what I wanted the prints to look like. I kept being drawn to the images I had collected from street markets with all of their pretty patterns and colors. Street markets have everything – from geometric prints to repeating patterns, and of course all the florals. An image of a very geometric tile floor inspired the tile print. An image of a beautiful beaded curtain became the rainbow stripe. A few cell phone pictures of some flowers and leaves were pieced together and became the main print. Soon, the prints from the collection began to take shape and Market Street was born. Now I am anxious for these print to become fabric so I can make beautiful quilts and beautiful spaces with them!