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Lori Holt introduces her Mercantile collection, a charming homage to her grandmother’s store, Herriman Mercantile. Quilting runs in Lori’s blood, as she learned this cherished craft from her grandmother, Millie, and five great-aunts - Isabelle, Marjorie, Jesse, Edith, and Hazel. This collection lovingly recalls the days when Millie’s store, The Merc, stood as the heart of their little town, the only store in a place with no traffic lights and just one gas pump.

Lori fondly reminisces about riding her bike to The Mercantile with her siblings and friends, where they’d visit her grandma, select a dime’s worth of penny candy, and savor a bottle of pop from the corner’s pop machine. Each print in this beautiful collection is named with affection, capturing the essence of a time gone by. Featuring a rich and playful vintage color palette, Lori’s Mercantile collection brings those cherished memories to life in every stitch.