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Dive into the world of quilting with our exclusive collection of Quilt Kits at Justin Fabric. Our kits are thoughtfully curated to inspire both novice and experienced quilters alike. Each kit includes everything you need to create a beautiful quilt top, from high-quality fabrics in a variety of patterns and colors to easy-to-follow instructions*.

Whether you’re looking to create a cozy blanket for a loved one, a decorative piece for your home, or a memorable gift, our Quilt Kits offer the perfect starting point. These kits not only save you time in selecting and matching fabrics but also ensure a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing result.

Our current selection showcases an array of themes and styles, from vibrant modern designs to classic and understated patterns. Every kit is a gateway to a rewarding and enjoyable quilting experience, complete with the satisfaction of creating something truly unique.

Embark on your quilting journey with Justin Fabric’s Quilt Kits – where creativity meets convenience.

*Lori Holt Sew Alongs do not have traditional patterns. Lori provides a guide with cutting instructions but you will need to see her blog or YouTube channel for full instructions.