For every purchase of $150.00 worth of gift cards, you will receive a unique online discount code. Your code can be used one time per month during 2023 to purchase one yard of fabric for free. Maximum value of $16.99 per month and applies to a single yard cut. Each purchase of $150.00 in gift cards entitles you to another discount code. There are no limits to the number of cards and codes you get.

Each month:
Go online. Add your favorite one yard of fabric to your cart. Enter your unique code and all you will pay is shipping.



*You will get a unique code for every $150 purchase of gift cards. Each code entitles you to 1 free yard of fabric every month including fabric less than $16.99 per yard. Minimum 1 yard cuts. Maximum use of 1 time per calendar month. Must enter your code to get the free fabric. No credit/redemption allowed for missed months.