Jennifer has been creating artistically her whole life! Throughout her schooling years, she trained full-time to be a professional ballet dancer.

During all those years of training in the ballet world, she also dreamed of designing costumes! Everyday she would walk by and peek into the ballet costume wardrobe – what a MAGICAL space! She experienced first hand this magical transformation, when all the training and rehearsals would be brought to life by putting these costumes on! She learned to sew from her mother and grandmother (who owned a fabric and knitting store) and often made ballet skirts, costumes and knitted legwarmers for herself and other dancers. Jennifer’s love of children inspired her to take her Early Childhood Education degree. She draws on both of these skills in her designs – aesthetics, imagination and play!

This journey has inspired her to make a positive difference by designing dolls and quilt patterns for others to be EMPOWERED! Jennifer has designed modern rag dolls for individuals, organizations, authors of children’s books, and International companies for mass production. Jennifer is an embroidery digitizer, professional rag doll designer, quilt pattern writer and online educator. She creates both doll and quilt patterns under her own label – Bee Sew Inspired. Jennifer is also the founder of the Modern Rag Doll Membership.

What Jennifer LOVES the most about creativity is finding INSPIRATION everywhere and in turn INSPIRING others to do the same! Follow her creative journey on her website at Bee Sew Inspired or on Instagram @beesewinspired.