Attention all quilting enthusiasts and fabric lovers! Justin Fabric is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated November 2024 re-release of the iconic Hugh Cabot’s "Back of the Chutes" Licensed Fabric Collection by Riley Blake Designs. This exquisite collection, originally released in 2020, captures the rugged beauty and dynamic spirit of the American West, making it a must-have for your next project.


About the Artist: Hugh Cabot 

Hugh Cabot III (1930-2005) gained artistic fame at the age of 22 when he was appointed by the then President of the United States and Secretary of the Navy to serve as a combat artist for the Korean War. Cabot, awarded the title of American Master Painter in 2006, is best known for his bold, powerful Western landscapes and highly distinctive portraits of the iconic cowboy.

His love for the Western frontier began at age 12, and by 14, he was deeply immersed in the culture of rodeos, horses, and ranches. Cabot spent over 20 years studying the cowboy lifestyle, perfecting his depiction of this quintessential American icon. His works are displayed in prestigious institutions like the Smithsonian, The Pentagon, and the Library of Congress, among others.

The Collection: A Tribute to Western Heritage

The "Back of the Chutes" collection is a homage to Cabot’s unparalleled ability to portray the essence of the American West. Featuring detailed sketches and vibrant paintings, this collection includes a variety of prints that celebrate the cowboy's life, from dramatic rodeo scenes to serene Western landscapes.

Prints in the Collection:

  • Denim, Parchment, & Sienna Main: Sketches of cowboys in action, perfect for a bold illustration against the rich denim & sienna backgrounds or a subtle yet striking choice with the parchment. 

  • Denim, Parchment, & Rust Stripe: Geometric patterns inspired by Native American designs, offering a blend of tradition and modernity.


  • Chestnut, Navy, & Rust Bandana: Classic paisley designs in deep hues, bringing a touch of timeless elegance to any project.


  • Denim Broncos and Rust Broncos: Dynamic illustrations of bucking broncos, capturing the thrill of the rodeo.


Each print in the collection is crafted with 100% fine cotton, ensuring quality and durability. Panels measure 36” x 43”.

Bringing Hugh Cabot's Art to Your Projects

Whether you are creating a quilt, a garment, or a decorative piece, the "Back of the Chutes" collection provides a wealth of inspiration. The rich colors and detailed designs allow for endless creativity, helping you bring a piece of Western heritage into your home.

Tips for Using the Collection:
- **Quilting**: Combine different prints to create a visually stunning quilt that tells a story of the American frontier.
- **Home Decor**: Use the bold prints for throw pillows, wall hangings, or table runners to add a rustic charm to your living space.
- **Apparel**: Craft unique clothing items that showcase the rugged beauty and vibrant culture of the West.

Available November 2024

 Mark your calendars! The Hugh Cabot’s "Back of the Chutes" collection will be available starting November 2024. Pre-Order now to be the first to receive this amazing collection. Visit Justin Fabric to explore this extraordinary collection and bring the spirit of the Wild West into your creative endeavors.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to saddle up for a fabric adventure like no other!

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