Cozy Up with Lori Holt’s Autumn Collection for Heartwarming Crafts

As the leaves start to paint the sidewalks in shades of Cider and Pumpkin, we’re thrilled to bring you Lori Holt’s fresh take on autumn bliss—her Autumn designer fabric collection. This season, wrap yourself in the warmth of nostalgia, just like your favorite flannel shirt, and let’s begin to stitch a story of fall’s enchanting embrace.



Lori’s hand-picked autumnal color palette weaves the traditional charm of Schoolhouse Red, Basil, Milk Can, and a serene symphony of coordinating hues straight into your heart. Her beloved prints—florals that dance like falling leaves, dots as playful as a pumpkin patch, gingham as cozy as a sip from a collector tin mug—invite you not just to create, but to live in the beauty of fall.


Join Hands with Crafters Around the World

Starting this May, we invite you to the fireside of creativity with Lori's sew along. As the smell of fresh-baked apple pie fills the air, join hands with crafters around the world to learn 'How to Build a Scarecrow.' It’s more than a quilt; it’s a harvest of memories you’ll treasure forever.


To ensure you’re ready for this heartwarming journey, gather your Autumn Sew Simple Shapes. Whether in a bundled quilt kit or purchased separately, these are the essentials to unfurl a tapestry of autumn tales:

Capture the Essence of Autumn with Every Quilt

Lori also presents The Quilted Scarecrow, available in a full quilt kit or as a standalone paper pattern. Imagine the joy as your quilt top comes together, each piece a whisper of crisp autumn air and golden sunsets.       

The Quilted Scarecrow Quilt Kit featuring Autumn by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet available at Justin Fabric
And for a treasure truly worthy of autumn’s golden crown, discover the Pumpkins and Haystacks quilt

and Autumn Skies runner,

each nestled in their own collector kit box. A perfect gift for a fellow crafter or a cherished addition to your own collection.

Craft Your Autumn Story with Us

Hear from Emma, a seasoned crafter: “Lori Holt’s collections turn my home into a storybook. Each quilt is a chapter of joy, every stitch a verse of comfort. I can’t wait to start the Autumn sew along!”

Embrace the season that quilters and crafters hold dear. Let’s celebrate the harvest of creativity together. Visit us now to choose your autumn story and make this season truly unforgettable.

You can find Lori Holt on her blogYouTube Channel, and Instagram (@beelori1).

Justin Law