Lori Holt Appliqué Pretty Pins™ 250pcs - Item #ST-8644

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Add a touch of whimsy and functionality to your appliqué projects with Lori Holt’s Applique Pretty Pins™. This delightful package includes 250 vibrant and shorter pins, making them the ideal choice for precise appliqué work. Stored in an adorable plastic mason jar container, these pins are as charming as they are practical.

Key Features:

  • Designer: Lori Holt
  • Quantity: 250 pins
  • Length: Shorter for appliqué precision
  • Container: Plastic mason jar for easy storage and access
  • Item Number: ST-8644

Why Choose Lori Holt Applique Pretty Pins™?

• Vibrant Variety: Enjoy a spectrum of colorful pins to suit your creative preferences.
• Designed for Appliqué: Shorter length provides better control for intricate appliqué work.
• Convenient Storage: Neatly organized in a charming mason jar for easy access and portability.

Ideal For:

• Appliqué Enthusiasts
• Quilters and Sewing Enthusiasts
• Adding a Playful Touch to Your Crafting

Elevate your quilting experience with Lori Holt’s Applique Pretty Pins™. Transform your projects with precision and a dash of charm. Order now and let your creativity shine!