Lori Holt Nifty Needles Assortment | Riley Blake Designs

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Content: Assorted Needles
Quantity: 70
Designer: Lori Holt Bee in my Bonnet
Collection: Notions
Notion Type: Buttons, Pins/Needles, & Clips
Manufacturer: Riley Blake Designs

Product Description:

All-in-One Sewing Solution with Lori Holt Nifty Needles™ Assortment

Your search for the perfect needle for every type of sewing project ends with the Lori Holt Nifty Needles™ Assortment, available at Justin Fabric. Whether you're binding a quilt, working on tapestry, running stitches, embroidering, or doing applique work, this collection has you covered.

Tailored to Every Task

Lori Holt's thoughtfully curated needle assortment is designed to cater to a wide array of sewing projects. The variety ensures that whether you're tackling delicate embroidery or robust tapestry, you have a needle that's up to the task.


  • 12 Binding Needles: Strong and durable, these needles make finishing quilts and blankets a breeze.
  • 15 Tapestry Needles: With a blunt point, these needles are ideal for counting fabric threads or canvas without piercing the yarn.
  • 12 Sewing Needles: These all-purpose needles are essential for a variety of sewing projects.
  • 13 Embroidery Needles: With sharp tips and a larger eye, threading embroidery floss is easy and efficient.
  • 5 Chunky Needles: Perfect for those heavier fabrics or for when you want a more substantial feel in your hand.
  • 13 Applique Needles: Small and sharp, these needles are perfect for the fine work needed in applique.

Perfect for All Sewers

Whether you are a beginner just setting out on your sewing journey or an experienced crafter with many projects under your belt, the Nifty Needles™ Assortment is an invaluable addition to your sewing kit.

Why Opt for Lori Holt Nifty Needles™?

  • Versatile: A wide assortment to meet all your sewing needs, from intricate designs to simple repairs.
  • Quality: Made with the craftsperson in mind, ensuring durability and ease of use.
  • Organization: Keep your needles sorted and at the ready for any project that comes your way.

Available at Justin Fabric, the Lori Holt Nifty Needles™ Assortment is the ultimate collection that sewers can rely on for precision, comfort, and quality. Get yours today and keep the focus on your creativity, with the confidence that you have the right tool at your fingertips.