Terial Magic, Stabilizing Fabric Spray, 16oz Details

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Terial Magic is a stabilizing fabric spray used to stiffen fabric, giving it a paper like firmness. Your fabric will hold its shape while you craft. With a paper like consistency, you are able to print directly onto fabric or use a paper cutting machine. Applique has never been easier, with Terial Magic your fabric will not fray when cut, sewn, or ironed. Terial Magic is water-soluble, allowing you to wash it away if desired or waterproof your fabric by adding a layer of clear matte acrylic spray.

Check out these 16 applications for Terial Magic with this free, downloadable PDF. Each bottle contains 16oz of Terial Magic Spray which can treat 2-3 yards of fabric. Never worry about running out of Terial Magic with the 32-ounce and gallon-sized refill bottles.