Who, What, Where, and Why?

For years, people have pondered and attempted to find out more by asking about the 4 little W’s. Answers may be quick brief responses, or they could share deeper meaning and provide opportunity for insight, learning, and understanding. Learn more about us as we share our 4 W’s.


Justin Fabric’s 4 W’s:

The story of Justin Fabric began when I received precious quilts made by significant individuals in my life. Often times handmade items become family treasures and heirlooms.  They provide connections to the hands and hearts that made them. Memories that last a lifetime come by simply seeing or recalling a handmade item created just for you.


I began quilting in 2003 by assisting in making a quilt to give as a Christmas gift for my younger sister. I decided to make one for everyone in my family. (Not the brightest idea with 6 siblings, most having a spouse and children. What was I thinking?) Despite the unintelligent decision.... I hoped others may experience the wonderful feeling I have when receiving handmade gifts. Over the years, I have been blessed to give more than one hundred quilts to family and friends. I still get a special feeling when thinking about them.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, I started sewing more. I made a blessing dress for a niece and matching dresses for three of my nieces. As I was quilting a table runner using a quilting kit from Riley Blake Designs, the thought came that I should open a shop. Of course, when a thought like this occurs, you shrug it off. Multiple times the thought would come. Multiple times I would shrug the thought.  Finally, I pitched the idea to my spouse and 13-year-old son. They both were supportive and said I should do it. The thought finally went into action and Justin Fabric became a reality.


The Justin Fabric mission is to offer the finest quality merchandise and services while providing a brilliant and encouraging experience where customers finish projects they can be proud of. We absolutely love:

  • helping you Gather material and knowledge
  • being a part of your journey to Create new things and develop skills
  • encouraging you to finish quality pieced goods you’ll Enjoy for years to come


The Justin Fabric vision is to be the premier Quilt and Sew shop in the Treasure Valley and beyond. Follow along as we grow and work towards expanding to a brick and mortar.  We look forward to being able to provide more information, tips, techniques, and thrilling classes in an uplifting environment. Our expansion will include offering machine sales and service, custom quilting and longarm services, machine repairs, and sew much more.


We know this wouldn’t be possible without our amazing customers and truly appreciate your support!