Quilty Scraps Bags Riley Blake Designs

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The Riley Blake Designs Quilty Scraps bags are perfect for your sewing room, retreats, or in the car. 

  • 12 biodegradable, plastic bags
  • features two adhesive strips
  • Size is approximately 9" x 12"
  • Hang it near your sewing machine, on your dashboard, or wherever you are sewing to collect your sewing garbage, and then seal the bag when you are finished.
  • Makes a great scrap grab-bag

“Green” details:
• Material: Made from a combination of PLA (a plant-based bioplastic) and PBAT (a biodegradable random copolymer). Both are considered sustainable and are two of the most popular biodegradable plastic polymers.
• Recycling: Compost with food waste
• Composting Time: 3-6 months