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Explore the captivating world of Amanda Castor, a renowned quilter, designer, and fabric aficionado. Since starting her blog in 2012 and launching her pattern business in 2015, Amanda has become a pivotal figure in the quilting community. Her collection, a beautiful amalgamation of traditional quilting techniques with a modern twist, is a true reflection of her passion and expertise.

As a fabric designer for Riley Blake Designs, Amanda's work is characterized by fresh patterns and vibrant colors that make her creations stand out. Her style, inspired by classic quilts but infused with a contemporary flair, resonates with quilters of all ages and skill levels.

Amanda's journey extends beyond quilting; she is dedicated to educating and empowering others in their quilting adventures. From sharing handmade items and ideas to exploring new creative avenues, her goal is to inspire and ignite a passion for quilting in everyone.

Residing in Indiana with her husband, son, and the 'ruler of the house,' her adorable boxer Polly, Amanda's life is as colorful and diverse as her quilts. Dive into Amanda Castor's collection and let her unique designs and patterns bring joy and inspiration to your quilting journey.