Arrival of Winter Plaid Navy End of Bolt by Sandy Gervais | Riley Blake Designs

SKU: C13524-NAVY-32”
This piece is a Remnant/End of Bolt item, representing the last portion of the fabric roll. The length indicated is the minimum length of the fabric you will receive. Remnants are ideal for smaller projects or to complement other fabrics in your collection. Please note, as these are end-of-bolt pieces, the quantity is limited and they are typically one-of-a-kind in our inventory.
Please note that the fabric is cut directly from the bolt, and the cut may not align with the fabric print.
$6.56 $10.93

Immerse yourself in the essence of winter with Arrival of Winter Plaid Navy Yardage, a creation by Sandy Gervais for Riley Blake Designs. Perfect for quilting, apparel, and home décor, this fabric features a rich and timeless navy-hued plaid pattern, adding depth and sophistication to your seasonal projects.

Key Features:

  • Winter Plaid Opulence: Enrich your creations with a classic navy-hued plaid pattern, capturing the depth and beauty of the winter season.
  • Premium Quilt Cotton: Crafted from 100% quilt-quality cotton, this yardage ensures a soft, durable, and comfortable foundation for your creative endeavors.
  • Versatile Width: With a width of 43"/44", this yardage provides ample material for quilting, apparel, and home décor applications.
  • Navy Palette: The navy color palette adds a sense of richness and sophistication to your winter-inspired projects, creating an atmosphere of timeless style.

Ideal for:

  • Quilting projects that bring a sense of winter luxury with a navy-hued plaid pattern.
  • Apparel creations that add a touch of timeless elegance to your winter wardrobe.
  • Home décor items that transform your space into a winter sanctuary with a hint of navy sophistication.

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Infuse Winter Elegance into Your Creations: Elevate your winter crafting with the timeless charm of Arrival of Winter Plaid Navy Yardage. Order now to bring the depth and sophistication of winter into your quilting, apparel, and home décor projects!