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Fabric is cut from the bolt in one continuous piece. Cut may not align with print/pattern.
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Specifications:  Care:
Fiber Content: 100% Quilt Cotton Machine Wash Cold.
Width: 43"/44" No Chlorine Bleach.
Color: Blue Tumble Dry Low.
Collection: Bayou Blues Batiks Remove Promptly.
Manufacturer: Riley Blake Designs

Product Description:

Discover the gentle embrace of the sea with Expressions Batiks Bayou Blues Seafoam Cotton Yardage, presented by Justin Fabric and crafted by the esteemed Riley Blake Designs. This fabric whispers tales of peaceful shorelines and delicate sea foam dancing along the water's edge, offering a breath of calm for your creative endeavors.

The Essence of Batik, the Calm of the Sea

With each yard of the Seafoam Cotton Yardage, you encounter the storied tradition of batik. The precise handwork of Indonesian artisans comes to life through the 'Tjap,' the batik stamp, shaped by hand into an assortment of patterns that mirror the serene and inviting nature of sea foam. This ancient technique results in a fabric that resonates with the rhythmic serenity of ocean waves.

A Palette of Peaceful Seafoam

Imbue your projects with the soft hues of the sea with our Seafoam Cotton Yardage. It's not just a color; it's an experience. Each shade is carefully chosen and blended to reflect the soothing spirit of the sea, providing a delicate and fresh touch to any piece.

Sustainably Sourced, Exceptionally Crafted

At Justin Fabric, we honor the craftsmanship behind batik by offering fabrics like the Bayou Blues Seafoam Cotton Yardage that are both ethically sourced and exquisitely produced. Riley Blake Designs ensures each fabric not only meets the highest quality standards but also supports the sustainable livelihoods of the true batik craftsmen.

Why Choose Bayou Blues Seafoam Cotton Yardage?

  • Hand-Crafted Batik Beauty: Celebrate the meticulous process of batik with this stunning seafoam design.
  • Tranquil Colorway: Transform your projects with the soft, calming tones of the sea, ideal for various creative pursuits.
  • Ethically Produced: Enjoy the high-quality fabric that respects the environment and artisanal heritage.
  • Versatile Fabric: Whether for quilting, apparel, or home décor, the Seafoam Yardage brings a peaceful essence to your creations.

Each yard is a testament to the beauty of hand-dyed batik, and as such, variations in the pattern and color are to be expected, giving you a unique fabric every time.

Craft with the Colors of the Coastline

Let the Expressions Batiks Bayou Blues Seafoam Cotton Yardage be the foundation for your next project. Available at Justin Fabric, this Riley Blake Designs fabric offers a moment of coastal tranquility that will resonate through your quilting, apparel, and home décor. Embrace the soothing influence of seafoam and let your creativity flow like the tide.

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