Little Witch Main Magenta Yardage by Jennifer Long | Riley Blake Designs

Fabric is cut from the bolt in one continuous piece. Cut may not align with print/pattern.
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Specifications: Care:
Fiber Content: 100% Quilt Cotton Machine Wash Cold.
Width: 43"/44" No Chlorine Bleach.
Color: Magenta Tumble Dry Low.
Designer: Jennifer Long Remove Promptly.
Collection: Little Witch
Manufacturer: Riley Blake Designs

Product Description:

Step into a world where magic weaves through every thread with the Little Witch Main Magenta Yardage, brilliantly designed by Jennifer Long for her "Sew A Story" collection with Riley Blake Designs. This fabric is a treasure trove of whimsy and wonder, perfect for those who delight in the mystical and the magical. Available for pre-order now, don't miss your chance to own a piece of this enchanting collection set to launch in April 2024.

Unveil the Magic of Little Witch Main Magenta Yardage:

  • A Spellbinding Design: Dive into a fantastical print featuring an eclectic mix of floral clusters, flitting bats, iconic witches' hats, entangled spiderwebs, and more, all set against a vibrant magenta background. This fabric is a testament to the charm and creativity that Jennifer Long brings to the world of textile design.

  • Versatility at Its Best: Whether you're crafting a quilt that tells a tale as old as time, sewing apparel that stands out from the crowd, or creating home decor that brings a touch of enchantment to your living space, the Little Witch Main Magenta Yardage is your canvas for creativity.

  • Inspiration for Every Stitch: Let each element of this magical print inspire you. From the mystical bats to the whimsical witches' hats, every detail is an invitation to explore your creativity and sew a story worth sharing.

  • Quality You Can Feel: With Riley Blake Designs, you're guaranteed a fabric that not only looks magnificent but feels extraordinary too. Crafted to meet the high standards of quilters and creators alike, this yardage promises durability and comfort, ensuring your projects not only captivate but last.

Why Pre-Order?

  • Exclusive Access: By pre-ordering, you ensure that you are among the first to receive this magical fabric. Start planning your enchanted projects today and be ready to bring them to life the moment your fabric arrives.

  • Fuel Your Creativity: The anticipation of the Little Witch Main Magenta Yardage's arrival is the perfect muse for your creativity. Imagine the stories you can tell and the projects you can create with this bewitching fabric.

  • Join a Magical Community: Pre-ordering connects you with a community of like-minded creators, all excited to explore the magic of the Little Witch collection. Share ideas, inspiration, and the excitement of waiting for this enchanting fabric.

Reserve Your Spellbinding Fabric:

The Little Witch Main Magenta Yardage is more than just fabric; it's a gateway to a world of imagination and creativity. Pre-order now to secure your piece of this magical collection. Let the vibrant magenta hues, the playful designs, and the quality craftsmanship inspire your next quilting, apparel, or home decor project. Reserve your yardage today and prepare to sew a story as enchanting as the fabric itself.

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