Moonchild Eclipse Midnight Yardage by Fran Gulick | Riley Blake Designs

Fabric is cut from the bolt in one continuous piece. Cut may not align with print/pattern.
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Specifications: Care:
Fiber Content: 100% Quilt Cotton Machine Wash Cold.
Width: 43"/44" No Chlorine Bleach.
Color: Midnight Tumble Dry Low.
Designer: Fran Gulick Remove Promptly.
Collection: Moonchild
Manufacturer: Riley Blake Designs

Product Description:

Embark on a Celestial Journey Embrace the mystery of the cosmos with Moonchild Eclipse Midnight Yardage. This enchanting fabric, designed by the talented Fran Gulick for Riley Blake Designs, is a tribute to the beauty of the night sky during the spellbinding moment of an eclipse.

Envelop Yourself in Midnight Majesty This fabric is not just a material; it's a voyage into the depths of the night, where stars dance and the moon whispers secrets of the universe. Each yard is a canvas, ready for you to create quilts, garments, and décor that resonate with the silent music of the cosmos.

Product Features:

  • Ethereal Design: Deep midnight blue adorned with the subtle, celestial phenomena of an eclipse.
  • High-Quality Cotton: Crafted from 100% cotton with a width of 43"/44", ensuring both comfort and durability.
  • Intricate Detail: High-resolution printing captures the awe-inspiring intricacy of a lunar eclipse.
  • Creative Flexibility: Ideal for quilting, this fabric also lends itself beautifully to accessories and home décor that need a touch of the extraordinary.

Why Choose Riley Blake Designs? Riley Blake Designs stands at the intersection of art and fabric, offering designers and crafters the best in quality and imaginative designs.

Capture the Magic of the Eclipse The Moonchild Eclipse Midnight Yardage is more than just a fabric—it's a piece of the celestial puzzle waiting to be sewn into your creative vision. Add it to your collection and let the allure of the night sky inspire your next project.

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